Who Needs Sleep?

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Cartoon Brian

Who Needs Sleep?

Original Release Date: September 22, 2009

This artwork is looking pretty good! The buildings in the background have no details on them, so those look a little weird. They don't need a ton of detail, but they look odd being completely bare. However, the first panel exterior shot of the diner looks great, and the booth where Mike and Stu sit looks good, too!

A couple of other minor artwork notes: I like how Stu's coffee sloshes when he slams his fist on the table--that's a good detail. Also, I appreciate that I had the awareness to draw consistent beverages for Mike and Stu. Stu (and Renee, also) drink coffee, but Mike drinks soda, and that is usually reflected in the artwork.

So what's the deal with this Spencer Hunt gag at the end of the comic? It's based on a real kid I went to vacation bible school with one summer who may have had a similar last name. I guess he didn't like me, because he took it upon himself to, in the middle of the classroom after we all came in from recess, dig his dirty fingernails into my skin and just rip a bloody hole in my arm. I tried to tell on him, but the teachers were busy admonishing somebody else, and the moment passed, so I just let it go. Maybe I was unintentionally rude or annoying to him. Maybe I did not perform well enough at kickball when we were at recess. Or maybe he was just a jerk. I don't know.

Cartoon Brian

Ramping Up Productivity

After a pretty serious hiatus from drawing, I have taken up pencil and paper again, putting serious work into my next project, Six Legs, No Heart, a comic about young homeowners fighting giant cockroaches. I will not meet my anticipated deadline of late summer to early fall, but might have it done in time for Christmas. If not then, Cape Comic Con 2017. I've also picked up a commission in the last 24 hours. I have major confidence issues in my artwork, but when I get on a roll, my art starts to look much better as I work out the inks, and my quickness improves, as well.

I feel good about my progress. I know that drawing and creating are really important to me because not doing those things makes me feel terrible. When life gets busy and I get tired, I look at my derelict drawing table and just feel sorry for myself, wishing I was doing something other than sitting around, spending my evenings vegging out after a long day. Even when there isn't a lot of time to spend creating, 15 or 20 minutes of drawing makes me feel so much better than drawing nothing because there's "not enough time." It's really easy to forget this, though. I wrote a blog some time ago urging people not to wait for the perfect time to do the things that are important to them, because there's never a perfect time. Naturally, I posted that blog and almost immediately stopped following my own advice.

Anyway, now that I'm on a roll, I need to stay productive and ride the power of positivity. (New Day rocks.)